The Journey to the Forex Lifestyle

Now days when you go on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube you will see commercials, advertising or someone promoting about becoming a Forex trader. You see the stacks of money, the luxury cars, the fancy houses and the $10,000 day trades and because it’s the unknown or we have never seen money made that easy, our emotions and fear of trying something new makes us question it and say it’s not real, or it’s a get rich quick scheme. That is because it’s easier to stay in our comfort zone then to start the journey toward something that is new. As a professional trader, I was in that same position a few years ago, I kept looking at videos, following other professional traders on Twitter and Facebook, just to prove to myself that it wasn’t real. But do you know what happen I could never prove it was fake, what I came to prove is how real of an opportunity it was and I took it and haven’t looked back since.

For most of you reading this have an interest for Forex and getting into the business, but fear and doubt is the biggest thing that keeps you from taking that leap forward. Well, I am here to tell you I was in that same position but I took that fear and I channelled it into becoming the best Forex trader I can become, when I say best it not the best in the world , it’s becoming the best to make all my dreams become a reality , because Forex is an independent business and creates a independent lifestyle , because you are the only person on the other side of that screen and each and every decision you make when trading takes you a step closer to your goals no one else’s. It was stated in an article that “the volume traded per day for Forex grew from $4 trillion to about $5.3 trillion per day” and that was in 2013 and Forex has grown since then. So money is not an object there is more than enough money for you to live your wildest dreams when you live the Forex lifestyle.

But to have that dream, to start the journey, has to come discipline most new traders fail because they are trading the dollar and wonder why in a year they taken their account to zero multiple time and figure that it is all hype, it is not real and just give up. Well I am here to tell you don’t give up and stop chasing the money, we are talking about $5.3 trillion dollars trading daily, and money is not the issue. As a beginning trader, we have to fight many things, such as greed of wanting to make a quick buck, the emotions of knowing the possibility of losing real money. So I am here to tell you again, if you want that Forex lifestyle that you see on social media, the key as a new trader is to train to become consistent, because a person who can make $50 consistently weekly, with a larger account following the same plan consistently can make $500 consistently weekly, then they can make $5,000 consistently. Yes, it really is just about starting the journey.

So to clear all the false hopes you may have imagined from social media, you will not be able to fund your account today and click a button tomorrow and think you will become a millionaire in Forex, but I can tell you if you fund your account today, get yourself a mentor that’s been in the business who has figured out how to become consistent and dedicated your time to your craft and becoming consistent yourself, then the Forex lifestyle you see on social media will exist for you, if you wanna buy that $100,000 car become $100,000 consistent, if you wanna have that $1 million dollar home, become $1 million dollar consistent and you will see with Forex, that when you have become consistent you still have not come close to putting a dent in the amount of money that is being traded per day.

As you see this is the journey for most Forex traders and these are the steps you got to take, so if you’re ready to do as my favourite motivational speaker Eric Thomas says which is “ Make the rest of your life, the best of your life” Forex is it all you have to do is take the first step, which is step pass your fear and go for it, next find you a Forex mentor that has a track record and has become successful in the business such as @ForexBrokr , then next train to become consistent , don’t worry about the money because once you become consistent the money will come and that is the Forex lifestyle, consistency brings luxury in this business. The sooner you start the sooner your will become what you have always dreamed to become.

This is a guest post written by up and coming forex trader, Thomas Hickman (@thickman2012). Be sure to share this post and give Thomas a mention on Twitter with your comment!