Why Are You Failing? Look Inside Yourself for Change

When you’re feeling down, when you’re asking yourself why are you failing, just know that everybody has been there. Yes, even the richest, happiest and most successful people in the world. How did they manage though? Here’s the run down with six things successful people do, that you probably don’t:

1. Doing it Differently

Regardless of whether it is the traditional way of doing some thing, we ought to never back pedal to the same routine or norm or expect a diverse outcome without doing anything differently. You will never get a different result when you do the same thing or accept a system. Successful people often will observe and take initiative rather than waiting for opportunities to present themselves.

That promotion you only get after starting from the bottom and working your way up? It DOESN’T have to be that way, taking initiative, applying yourself and proving you are good at what you do gets you to the top a lot faster than sitting around and ‘doing your time’. Successful people aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and do what they need to do to get that spot.

Ask yourself why are you failing? Most often than not, deep down you know the answer to this question. Answer it and make a change.

2. Staying true to yourself

In all that we do, we need to ask ourselves:

Why am I doing this?

Am I suited for it?

Does it fit me?

Is it feasible?

If your response is a big NO to any of these, you better have a justifiable reason or motivation to keep doing it.

Successful people will have a plan and their goals are clear. They know their strength as well as their weaknesses and always have an objective, you can say it’s worth having an agenda! With the age or retirement higher than ever, why not map out your goals and where you want to be? The sooner you learn who you are and what your goals are, the faster you can achieve them.

Most successful people have career maps and a crystal clear vision of what it is that needs to be done to get from point A to point B, so get to mapping.

Finding a mentor can help with this process but as always, it has to be in conjunction with what you personally want to achieve. Nobody can tell you what you want but yourself!

3. People Skills

There is no I in TEAM, and while many people are highly independent and capable of working just fine alone, it is important to get to know the people you work with and build rapport with them. Your co-workers, clients and business partners are you most important resource and allies when it comes to getting a promotion, needing a reference, recommendation or even an introduction, and if none of these things are what you’re after, that’s ok!

It’s still important to have positive interactions with the people around you – nobody wants to be known as the office bitch, it leads to an unenjoyable work environment and can really effect peoples willingness to work with you or do you any ‘favours’. Should things not pan out however, understanding that you can’t please everybody is also vital. Successful people NEVER give up on building relationships just because of a difference.

Remember : It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

4. Long Term

More often than not, we can be very short sited. The key to massive success is planning and understanding that your work is an investment. When we see some thing that requires a difficult, timely effort, we tend to turn and run. Successful people embrace and acknowledge that certain jobs, tasks and positions require that bit extra and do not pay off straight away. You gotta keep your eye on the prize!

5. Why Are You Failing? The Reality

It’s normal for us to be attracted to a lifestyle that seems like a ‘dream’. We’re constantly chasing the dream and often think that attaining our dream home, job, life and partner is a testament to our hard work, that we deserve it just because we slave nine to five.

The hard truth is, not many people get what they set out to achieve. Those who have to keep asking why are you failing, often set themselves up to fail. That’s right, their demise is at their own hands – coming up with grandiose schemes and fairy tales in our heads will ALWAYS leave us disappointed and miserable, you’ll find the brightest and most enthusiastic young people you come across give up on themselves even before their career has begun as soon as they realise finishing their tough college degree does NOT instantly mean they are in their dream job, married to their dream partner, have their dream home or a platinum credit card.

The most successful people take baby steps, they know and understand the reality of the world around them. They keep their expectations realistic and accept that things don’t magically line up, that some times you will fail. They understand that hard work does not instantly mean reward, and while this instantly crushes most peoples ambitions to go further, the difference is that they will always get up and and accept loss as a motivator rather than an excuse to give up.

6. Chill

Keeping a cool head will help you out of any situation, but keeping a positive mind will give you an overall healthier work and home life. Successful people know when to switch on and when it’s time to switch off. This self awareness goes a long way when trying to answer why are you failing.

A great way to overcome stress and negative thinking is to write down your thoughts, meditate or excersise and eat healthy. Keep a schedule and manage your time while ensuring you take time out for yourself during the day. Successful people keep motivators around to remind them of their goals and have a glass half full approach to everything.

The most successful people understand that hard work and achieving goals is not what brings you happiness, its the appreciation of the opportunities around us and applying ourselves, it’s seeing work as an opportunity to better yourself rather than a chore you must struggle through before you are rewarded.

Some thing to always remember is that, failure is unavoidable, yet taking steps to ensure we learn from our failures is ultimately, the biggest key to success.

This is a guest post written by one of our staff writers. Be sure to share this post and mention @forexbrokr when you comment.