February 6, 2017

Forex Mentor

A 4 week, intense, forex mentor program that is tailored to your specific trading needs. If there’s something in particular you want to focus on in your learning then you have the ability to talk about it and we can make sure you are on the path toward becoming the type of trader that YOU want to be.

Who am I to Consider Myself a Forex Mentor?

Quite simply because I transparently make money trading forex and continue to chat about and share trading setups on Twitter every day. I’m not a marketer, I’m a trader.

My story started just like I know a lot of yours has. I was at uni studying to work a 9-5 job I hated before I had even started and instead of putting my heart and soul into assignment work, I was instead Googling ‘how to make money online’ and every variant imaginable.

Being a sports fan, I’d dabbled in sports and races gambling already and from there was drawn to the systematic approach of trading the stock market. While I dabbled in stocks at that early stage, it was from here that a harmless forex trading banner ad changed my life!

I did get my degree and worked in IT while trading during my nights (and at work, but don’t tell the bank that I worked for!), just learning and testing every single system and piece of trading info I could get my eyes on.

I remember being at work back in 2011 and a support zone retest that I still trade today getting me into a USD/JPY long. If you open up your MT4 charts and have a look back in 2011, you’ll see that this was actually the bottom in the pair and the tipping point in Yen strength for the Bank of Japan causing them to intervene.

At the time this was a huge deal and we rallied 1000s of pips from that low in such a short amount of time that I was laughing. I was FINALLY ready to quit my job and trade full time living the dream.

…Well so I thought. I packed my bags and decided I’d live the laptop lifestyle while travelling across the US for as long as my tourist visa would allow. Unfortunately my account wasn’t as big as I had thought and in holiday mode, I chewed through what was meant to be my trading capital just living life.

At least I didn’t blow my account gambling, right!

Anyway, this meant a move back home after barely 6 months. But more importantly, it showed me that live trading without an income is TOUGH. Especially if you have the expensive tastes that I have!

Having to rely on your EUR/USD short paying off on a Friday afternoon to potentially eat or pay rent, does not make for patient, psychologically sound trading decisions. I knew I had to increase my trading capital. With my favourite trading book (and the one I recommend to you no matter the type of trader you are) being Mike Bellafiore’s One Good Trade, the world of proprietary trading was calling my name.

My personal forex track record on a modest sized account saw me accepted into the training program of a Sydney based prop firm trading bond futures where I spent the next year living the dream and soaking up everything I could.

Trading actual futures markets with real ladder depth was such an eye opener coming from the world of retail forex where you don’t see any of this on our platforms. The lessons of watching ladders and learning to feel the market purely from a supply/demand point of view was invaluable, but the job was working essentially 3pm – sunrise and with the funding of retail forex traders starting to take off, it was time for me to move on.

From here, via a social media contact, I accepted funding from a local forex broker backed program to fund talented retail traders with institutional money. The splits were a horrible 70%-30% to the broker backing me, but I was happy gaining the psychological experience of trading a MUCH bigger account while the broker also let me work as an analyst on the side for them.

Just like what I still do on Twitter, writing about markets all day for the broker’s blog made sure I was always immersed in what I was trading and kept me honest in that there was nowhere to hide if I was being a lazy prick and taking trades on a whim. I couldn’t do it because it was all in writing.

The forex broker contacts I formed working and trading like this in tandem were invaluable and a huge reason why I have been able to launch this ForexBrokr project out on my own. I was able to learn the sales tactics that brokers use, the risk management tactics that different brokers employ and how they deal with orders that come through their books.

As you can see, I’ve sat in both the shoes of your broker and the shoes you are sitting in right now as a novice trader looking for a forex mentor. I know what I’m talking about and am itching to share what I know with you.
I’m always happy and looking to chat forex with anyone and everyone, so send me a message on the @forexbrokr Twitter account and fire some questions at me!

Why Should You Trust me to be your Forex Mentor?

The first question that comes across my screens when I meet new and aspiring forex traders on Twitter or Instagram is always the same:

“So who the fuck are you and why should I trust you?”

It’s a fair enough question. I don’t run a photo of myself or use my real name across the website or on any of my social media profiles. It doesn’t exactly scream ‘trustworthy’ trust it haha!

Every time though, I answer the same way. You don’t have to trust me. You have a million choices when it comes to forex trading mentors and education courses. If you want to learn to trade via a boring old man in a suit doing boring as batshit broker sponsored webinars, then go right ahead. You have Google at your disposal, the options are there.

But I’m different. Just message me and talk to me about my opinion on the retail forex trading industry being full of twats in suits who just market a product rather than trade the forex market themselves, scammers and charlatans.

I’ll tell you 100% straight up how the forex trading industry works from both a trader and broker’s perspective. No bullshit, no marketing, no sugarcoating, just exactly how it is and how to make money trading it!

What I actually offer you in the Forex Mentor Course:

Trading Strategies and Market Analysis
I have never understood the obsession with hours of video content. It’s boring as batshit, hard to immerse yourself in and old news that is so often recorded with a staged scenario that is traded in hindsight. No videos here. Just actionable trading setups and market analysis in REAL TIME. Trade forex using the same setups that you see me trading live on @forexbrokr Twitter.

Messenger and Call Access
It’s not a group chat, it’s 1 on 1. You always have chat access to me throughout the entire Asian trading session and most of the London trading session. To become a successful forex trader, you have to eat, sleep and breathe the markets. No matter where you go, you have to take the markets with you through your phone or laptop. That’s exactly how I live, why I’m a profitable forex trader and why you will have access to me every waking hour of the day.

Weekly Webinars
I run weekly webinars to go over the market in terms of the levels we will be looking at trading, as well as what to expect for the week ahead. This will be your first true introduction to the way I want you to start thinking about markets and thinking about how to implement the trading strategies that I will speak to you in detail about.

Daily Trading Blog
The daily forex trading blog will be all about looking at which of the levels we talked about in the weekly webinar are in play and how we attacked the previous day’s. Remember, I’m always available on chat so you should have been there to trade these setups that we’re talking about live.

Guaranteed to Trade on the Forex Broker’s A-Book
This is something we’ll talk about in the first webinar when I go over how the retail forex broker industry works, but if you’re trading on my book then I can guarantee that my connections mean that you won’t be placed on the broker’s B-Book and be exposed to all the conflict of interests that arise when it becomes in the broker’s best interest for you to lose money.

What do I need to do to Before I Join the Forex Mentor Program?

You need to be trading on a fresh live account with me and my recommended forex broker. I don’t care how big the account is, but if you’re on a demo account then you just aren’t going to make the same trading decisions that you’d make if your hard earned money was on the line. Demo trading teaches bad habits and I want only the most committed forex traders joining me for the month.

I run over the basics of the forex market with anyone who messages me on Twitter, but if anyone is charging you for a forex basics course, then they are ripping you the fuck off. It’s as simple as that.

Anyone who chooses to undertake the 4 week forex mentor course is expected to have done the BabyPips.com School course at least once through. If you have an understanding of the terms that I am talking about, I can immediately show you how to implement them in a real world, live trading environment to get you profitable quicker.
Theory is boring. You can do that by yourself. I am here to show you how to make money trading actionable forex strategies and setups.

I’m Ready. How do I join the Forex Mentor Program?

DM @forexbrokr on Twitter.